Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

Free Download Games PC Building & Co: You are the architect


You are in charge of a real building site with Building & Co!

Building & Co is a revolutionary city builder in which you will deal with all the aspects that come into play during the management of a real building site. You must consider the specifications, the budget, and technical constraints as well as delivery timeframes in order to be able to build numerous ambitious buildings.

In a rich and very detailed 3D environment, you take care of all the construction phases: from hiring workers to choosing materials as well as drawing the foundations and different floors. Building & Co is the first management game to put you in control of a building site and offers a fun, technical approach that will please all fans of the genre.

Architect, city planner, foreman: you are in charge of the craziest building designs and have unlimited freedom in your decisions!

* Draw the plans and build a large number of buildings in a 3D environment: residential buildings, hotels, banks, museums, hospitals, and even shopping centres!
* Professional advisers will assist you in every field: staff, logistics, materials, architecture.
* Career mode offers a progressive difficulty in various urban settings.
* Sandbox mode offers an unlimited array of creativity and constructions.

Configuration requise
Système d'exploitation: Windows 2000
CPU: 1.5 GHz
Mémoire: 512
Mémoire vidéo: 256
Audio: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
HD: 1 Gb


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